The most popular area in the house is definitely the bathroom. The majority of people probably spend as much as an hour in the bathroom each day. When you’ve got a household with many people, you’ll find that there is always another person in the bathroom. The funny thing is that for a room that gets more use than just about any other room in your home it is also generally the smallest room in your home. But before you decide on how you want to remodel your bathroom, here are some things you need to make note of.

The first thing you should consider is adding a shower stall instead of a bathtub. It will always be few and far between when people use the bathtub to take a bath. When you have small children however, a bathtub is most likely your best option. If nearly all of the people in your home are at least twelve years old, there is not any reason for you to install a bathtub instead of a shower stall. One justification to incorporate a shower stall instead of a tub is because you are going to free up room in the bathroom. For those who have a little bathroom, you’ll appreciate the newly found space.

If you are planning to replace the basin in your bathroom, select one in lighter colors. Darker colored sinks will truly exhibit the hard water stains, soap scum and water spots. You might find yourself washing your sink many times a day. So when deciding on a color for your sink, make certain that it is light in color.

If you want to add color to the bathroom with the addition of colored components, be sure that you actually have the fixtures before you start to remodel. Finding fixtures that happen to be in different colors can be slow and may take more time after you order it. After all if you’re not too choosy, limit yourself to white or off white colors for your fixtures. You will find your standard white fixtures in any home improvement center. It is then easy for you to replace the fixtures when the moment comes.

If you have tile to your shower stall, you may need to wait a couple of days until the tile is glued tight to the ground. While your bathroom may take a week to finish, you are going to still need to hold out a few more days for the tile to dry. There is also much more work involved in adding tile unlike a standard shower stall.

Something you will have to plan for should you only have one bathroom, is that you will need to have a friend or neighbor nearby that will let you use their bathroom until the renovations have been completed.