Gastonia Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers in Gastonia, NC

You can really use your shipping container for so many tasks, like storage, moving, or even using it as mobile office. While most use these marvelous metal boxes for those basic tasks of storage or moving, others have successfully used them for mobile offices, off-site storage on job sites and more. Imagine the versatility of a shed you can transport on a single truck! Containers are offered in a variety of sizes to fulfill any needs you may have.

Container Sizes

When searching for the shipping container to fit exactly what you need it to be used for, you’ll learn they mainly come in three sizes, including 10′, 20′, and 40′. We suggest the 20-foot variety. It’s a decent compact size while still being able to store thousands of pounds of goods if need be. The 10 foot variety works great for home use, and you could even set it up to be used as a walk-in shed. How convenient! The 40 foot container can hold multiple large items, including a large machinery.

Safety of Shipping Containers

You can definitely trust that your investment will be worthwhile and your shipping container can handle so many natural elements! You won’t have to worry about it holding up to human tampering or natural elements. It is completely ready to withstand anything it ends up having to endure while doing its duty as a reliable storage container! Even if you’re using one as a mobile office, you can feel safe inside in bad weather.

Mobile Storage Containers

We love how mobile these containers are for quick shipping or storage from one location to another. It is just nice to have the option to move your unit around easily. Storage containers are able to be placed on your property or work site and moved as need be. Moving can really wear you out, but you can do it much easier with your container. You will always have access to your container and be able to properly ship in when you need it sent off. We suggest purchasing your container so that you can move at your leisure as well as keep your items secure once you’re done moving to your new home.

Gastonia Containers

Container storage is really taking off and these containers are being used for so many great needs. We suggest you take a look at your options! You’ll trust you’re getting the best deal from Storage Containers Gastonia NC!