Sink Refinishing

A full on sink replacement used to be the only option, but today it can be repaired, restored, refinished, resurfaced, reglazed, and recolored on site without removal and in a matter of just a few hours! For a fraction of the cost of a replacement, we professionally refinish, your sink. You may be skeptical of refinishing, but it is truly one of the greatest services out there in terms of getting bang for your buck and long-lasting quality. If you didn’t know it was refinished, you’d likely think you have a new sink! Who wants to have their kitchen or bathroom become a construction zone for days if you truly don’t have to? Chances are good that you don’t, and with refinishing services you don’t have to worry about any mess or extended jobs.

Refinish ANY Sink

Sink and Vanity reglazing also referred to as refinishing, resurfacing, or re-enameling is the process of repairing, restoring, refinishing, resurfacing, reglazing, and recoloring to give it a new surface. Immediate and dramatic transformations are possible, giving old and damaged surfaces a new finish and lease on life in very little time.

Sinks and vanities come in all types, shapes and sizes.  These include pedestal sinks, farm sinks, wall-hung sinks, and molded vanity sinks. They can also be made out of cast iron with a porcelain finish, molded plastic with a gel coat finish, or molded acrylic with fiberglass backing. We can refinish, resurface, or reglaze any style of sink. Even that strangely shaped or super old sink you have, we can do that too. Replacing some of these older more unique sinks can end up costing you a ton of money, but refinishing will always be affordable for you!

Make The Change Today!

Are you tired of your sink or vanity? Is it difficult to clean? Or do you just want a new look without the hassle of replacement and costs? Your sink or vanity can be refinished, resurfaced, or reglazed! It will truly look and feel brand new to you. A new sink can cost you thousands of dollars when all is said and done, a sink refinishing job won’t cost anywhere as much as that. Do the smart thing, save money, add value to your home, and still get the “new” sink that you want! We can’t stress the value of a refinishing service enough, and it’d hard to truly understand that unless you do it first hand.