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"Your Supplier & Manufacturer of bathroom Ceramic Sink, Toilet and Bathroom ceramic accessories. NEWSTAR ships the full line of bath basins available in a wide range of styles and materials directly. We offer you Undermount Ceramic Bathroom Sink, Topmount Porcelain Vessel Sink, Above Counter China Sink, Granite Vanity Tops, Counter top Sinks, Drop-in Ceramic Sinks, Bathroom Toilet set for USA, Europe, Australia Hotel & Homes."

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Introduction to Newstar Kitchen & Bath products:

NEWSTAR(Quanzhou)Bath & Kitchen Co.,Ltd are the one of leading exporter and manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products in China, is one of Newstar China Group. We offer hundreds of choices in all products categories including all kinds of finished products in kitchen cabinets, bath cabinet, steel sinks, faucet, glass sinks, wooden sinks and other sanitaryware series. The Headquaters of Newstar is located in Fujian ,China. We are pleased to offer all Kitchen and bathroom products in a wide variety of design, shapes and textures; All products are exported to 80 more countries, such as America,Canada, Latin-America, Middle-east, Asia, Poland, Czech, Russia ,Finland, Normay(more European countries), and nigeria, South-Africa, Ghana (more Africa countries), suitable for wolesales, builder, homeowner, retailer etc. No matter where you come from, Newstar Stone still try all best service you with our whole hot heart and supply best products. Our Stones series.More >>

Introduction to NEWSTAR CHINA

NEWSTAR (CHINA) Industry CO.,LTD is a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of building materials, including Stone products, cabinets, kitchen & bathroom products, doors and decorative accessories. The company is growth rapidly in these years, we have our professional factories and cooperative partner to supply high quality products for clients.Newstar serves clients in over 80 countries and regions around the world. Thank you to all of our clients and customers, who have helped us to be a success More >>

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About Newstar Ceramic

Ceramic sink is the most robust sink among the bath sinks, range from white ceramic vessel sinks, artistic porcelain sink to undermount ceramic sinks, drop-in ceramic sink, above counter ceramic sinks, and ceramic sink with pedestal, we have a side range of ceramic bathroom sink for your reference. Ceramic sinks are solid, homely, and attractive with a touch of elegance making them the focal and popular option of a bathroom sink. Their designs can come in all types of shape, such as round, oval or square, they can be used both in countertop and on pedestal to creating a perfect harmony to your bathroom. These porcelain sinks are made of top one quality vitreous china in gloss finish. They are durable and will keep active through yeas of use with normal maintenance. Undermount ceramic sinks are even available in biscuit and black colors to match your washroom environment. We also have ceramic toilet, ceramic squatting pot, ceramic urinal, ceramic mop pool and ceramic accessories to meet your full bathroom request.

Undermount Ceramic Sink

Undermount Ceramic Sink Undermount ceramic sinks are sleek and gorgeous. They are easy to maintain, keep clean and they provide a smooth transition between your countertop and sink. Undermount ceramic Sink are becoming more popular with the advent of modern, minimalist work-surfaces featuring in kitchens and bathroom. they are compatible to any type of kitchen and bathroom design, cabinetry or lay-out. These undermount Pure white ceramic wash basins are easy to clean, and also with high-density surface for water resistance, customized material

Overmount Ceramic Sink

Overmount Ceramic Sink Supply you some Virtreous overmount (drop-in)China sink and ceramic sinks, with different size. The unique beauty and bold designs of our bathroom sinks have made them favorites of designers and homeowners alike. From classic counter top bowls to sophisticated contemporary vessels we have the perfect sink for every bathroom environment. Constructed of grade A vitreous china in gloss finish. Overmount ceramic sinks are even available in biscuit and black colors.

Above Counter Ceramic Sink

Above Counter Ceramic Sink If a seamless and contemporary design is what you strive for in your bathroom design, we have the perfect ceramic sink for your next bathroom remodeling project. You were thoroughly impressed with the quality of workmanship and design. This above counter design features a stylish white finish that gives your newly remodeled space an edgy contemporary feel, but doesn’t demand all the attention in the space. Its design is sleek and elegant and can be a complement to almost any space both traditional and modern. You can design your entire remodel around this series vessel, or you can use this series design to flow with your existing ideas.

Ceramic Pedestal Sink

Ceramic Pedestal Sinks Pedestal basins are a great option if you want to conceal your pipe work. Not only does the pedestal add extra support to the basin, it also hides the P-trap under the sink for an inexpensive, neat finish. you can really achieve a seamless contemporary look, which is both stylish and functional. On our website, you'll find all of our pedestal basins side by side, helping you to find the right fit for your bathroom

Artist Sink (China Bowl)

Artist Sinks (China Bowl) Choose an artistic china sink with colorful, painted motif to creating soothing and stylish bathroom spaces, our Newstar china sink is your top option. With the trend-setting designs, including natural, textures, artistic and much more, we offer you the largest range of Grade A Ceramic sinks. These china sink is handmade , which is made by jingdezhen porcelain. Our beautifully and modern finished vitreous china sinks are the visually pleasing addition to your bathroom decor, and ideally suited to contemporary way of life.

Ceramic Vanity Sink

Ceramic Vanity Sinks These ceramic vanity sinks are used for bathroom cabinets. Neoclassicism style, it more like one multi-element thinking manner, combing the nostalgic romantic feeling and the demand of life for modern man, having both gallant-elegance and fad-modern, reflecting individuation aesthetics viewpoint and culture taste at back industry era

Bathroom Accessories (Ceramic material)

Bathroom Accessories (Ceramic material) Show you all kinds of Bathroom accessories , made by ceramic items, such as Soap Dish, Industrial Shelving ,Hand Soap Dispenser, Color Paper Box ,Bathroom Tumbler, Bathroom Towel ,Bar Bathroom Set, Bathroom Bar ,Bathroom Bath Towel Sets, Bar Glass Set, Acrylic Bathroom Set.


Ceramic Vanity Sinks From flushing toilet power to toilet water conservation to noise reduction, Newstar toilets deliver unrivaled performance. Choose from an extensive selection of one-piece Newstar Toilets and two-piece Newstar toilets models featuring the industry largest breadth of innovative toilet flushing technologies. Newstar toilets come in round or elongated design, with many different shapes and styles to choose from. Choosing a style is a matter of personal taste. We also have the toilet suite with basin for the full bathroom use.